Member Benefits

About Our Membership

Prospective members in our Association choose from three types of memberships: Full, Associate or Affiliate.

Full Membership

Any publicly funded school or representative employee of that school engaged directly in providing truck driver training is eligible for Full Membership. Each Full Member of the Association has one vote.


  • Network with school and industry partners at National and Regional meetings.
  • Share resources to provide the highest quality and most cost-efficient training.
  • Acquire information about legislative initiatives, research, and related topics that directly impact public education and the transportation industry.
  • Foster partnerships between various stakeholders in the transportation industry.
  • Have a voice in legislative issues affecting training, transportation, and education.
  • Product and service discounts.

Associate Membership

Any industry or representative employee of that industry which indirectly supports public truck driving schools shall also be eligible for ASSOCIATE membership. Associate members will be limited to agencies such as trucking companies, insurance companies,  publishers, and equipment manufacturers interested in the welfare of publicly funded truck driving schools. Each Associate Member shall have one vote in general membership meetings. In accordance with the terms of these Bylaws, Associate Members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.


  • Access educational partnerships and training programs.
  • Access quality student graduates.
  • Have an opportunity to contribute to transportation training reform.
  • Have an opportunity to support a nationwide forum of advocates for various aspects of transportation education.
  • Full member benefits.

Affiliate Membership

Administrators or staff at publicly funded schools or administrators in public schools that contract with proprietary organizations to provide truck driver training are eligible for Affiliate Membership. Affiliate members are non-voting and ineligible for the Board of Directors.


  • Learn about various educational opportunities in transportation-related training.
  • Strengthen public institutions through your support.
  • Keep current on issues and trends involving transportation and education.
  • Full member benefits.