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Any publicly funded training provider or representative employee of that training provider engaged directly in providing truck driver training may be eligible for FULL membership in this Association. Each Full Member of the Association shall have one vote and is eligible for a position on the Board of Directors.
Any industry or representative employee of that industry which indirectly supports public truck driving schools shall also be eligible for ASSOCIATE membership. Associate members will be limited to agencies such as trucking companies, insurance companies, publishers, and equipment manufacturers interested in the welfare of publicly funded truck driving schools. Each Associate Member shall have one vote in general membership meetings. In accordance with the terms of these Bylaws, Associate Members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.
Administrators or staff at a publicly funded training provider interested in the transportation industry or administrators that contract with proprietary organizations to provide driver training may be eligible for an AFFILIATE membership in this Association. Affiliate members are non-voting and ineligible for the Board of Directors.
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